An Experienced Producer Passionate About Creating New Music

About Me

Born in Albany, Georgia and raised in Radcliff, Kentucky, Ahmon Salter, aka K.G., is the CEO of N-Sane Records and R’Shard Publishing. I am also a rapper, singer, graphic artist, publisher, and actor.

A Performer Since Childhood

I was eight years old when I started rapping and producing music. Growing up, I played drums for the school band and church choir and sang in the chorale. To continue sharing my talents with others, I established N-Sane Records in 2000.

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Studio 1

My Works

Currently, I am managing a podcast and talk show on my Roku Channel called Vocal Impact. I have released various music over the years, including:

  • 2011: Heaven or Hell, First EP Album
  • 2014: Twerkin’ It, Single
  • 2016: Dump Trump, Single
  • January 2020: Vocal Impact, Album
  • June 2020: Dump Trump 2020, Single

Dedicated to My Craft

I believe the music that I make is different from the songs and artists well-known in the industry today. By bringing a different type of flow and music style, I strive to be original and creative in everything I produce. If I’m given the proper exposure, I feel I will be a force to be reckoned with.


Contact Me

For more information about what I do, get in touch with me today.